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The beauty of life in Jewelry


The beauty of life in Jewelry


Whenever we talk about BEAUTY,
inevitably we think of a
aesthetic ideal.

However, in-depth research
origins, it is discovered that BEAUTY
already had its meaning attached to
words like manifestation, present,
offering, reverence.

Indicating that Beauty connects to
something beyond the physical aspect.

In this sense the Greeks give us their
association with the word HARMONY.

For this reason, the chosen poem tells us about
an inner harmony that manifests itself
externally in form of beauty.

This inner harmony can be interpreted
as the exercise of truly being who we are.
Raising our awareness of ourselves.
Leaving us in a state of grace
for LIFE, when we recognize it
like the divine spark within us.

And it is this divine Light that radiates through
the things and people that allow us to
understand how beauty is the presence of life
in things.

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